Who is our BFF? - Australian Merino Wool.

Have you ever lusted over a cashmere sweater only to find the price tag will break your bank account? Well, let us introduce to you its popular, hotter sister; Merino Wool. It's home-grown, more durable and just as soft. Merino wool has been featured in numerous luxury brands from Hermes to SABA. Vow studio A/W '18 collection uses Merino Wool in the majority of our garments, so if you want to know more about this fabulous fibre read on. 
Australian merino wool is a powerhouse natural fibre due to being soft, comfortable and luxurious. The premium fibres are superior to standard, prickly wool, as merino is extremely fine; three times thinner than human hair. Merino wool is super warm and breathable so it will keep you cosy and cool at the same. This makes it perfect for when it's freezing outside but heating makes warm and cosy inside. Its incredibly easy to take care of being stain resistance, anti-wrinkle and naturally resists odour. This means you can wear your favourite Vow studio piece many times before it needs to be washed. 
The cuddly sheep that the merino wool comes from only have a haircut once a year, this is part of what makes merino wool so special. Our merino wool is extra fine and comes from sheep in the tablelands of New South Wales, making it uniquely Australian, just like our brand.