Our Style - Design and Production

Our Style for Design

Vow Studio only produces 30 to 50 pieces of each design from each season. Making small quantities per design not only gives the Vow Studio customer a sense of exclusivity, but also minimizes overproduced merchandise ending up in the landfill. 

Launching only two seasons per year, Vow Studio garments are driven by art and creativity instead of trend, meaning they won't date. This approach extends the product life cycle and decreases the pressure our environment is currently bearing due to the fast-fashion industry. Vow Studio’s creativity allows all pieces to be confidently worn time and time again whilst still being satisfying and unique on the street.


Our Style for Production

Vow Studio’s factories are currently located in major cities in China, such as Shanghai, Guangzhou and Nantong. Both co-founders work closely with the production teams on a daily basis, and regular visits, to ensure all manufacturers are meeting the brand’s policies. 

With a strong commitment to manufacturing products under safe, fair and humane working conditions, Morgan and Hailey believe in freedom of employment, freedom of association, safe working conditions, no child labour, fair wages, reasonable working hours, non-discrimination, fair and equitable treatment, environmental policy and waste management. The Vow Studio brand upholds these beliefs when producing all garments.