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Vow Studio's co-founder Morgan and Hailey sitting in their emporium store

Who designed your clothes?

About Co-Founders Morgan & Hailey

Vow Studio was founded by Morgan Jia and Hailey Pei. Morgan and Hailey graduated from RMIT’s Bachelor of Fashion Design and Master's Degree in Fashion Entrepreneurship. In 2017, with a love of all things fashion and a desire to share it with the world, Morgan and Jia decided to establish their very own brand – Vow Studio. 

Both born in China, Morgan and Hailey decided to pursue their fashion dream in Australia at young ages, as international students. Their multicultural background gave them a unique understanding and outlook on art and design.

Morgan and Hailey enjoy adding a touch of humour and playfulness to their designs, expressing their world of youthfulness, fun and joy. They believe that fashion is a powerful way of self-expression, a way of helping anyone make a playful statement to the world.


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The beginning of our journey - A/W2018 Jellyfish Alert

The beginning of our journey - A/W2018 Jellyfish Alert

INSPIRATION Vow Studio’s first collection, A/W 2018 - Jellyfish Alert is originated from an accidental encounter between the designer and a cluster of jellyfish back in South Korea. The jellyfishe...

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